[Mailman-Users] Thread not shown allthough In-Reply-To present

Bram de Kruijff bramk at gx.nl
Thu Feb 28 18:08:23 CET 2002

Hi all,

allthough I found a lot of questions about why mailman/pipermail
doesn't show threads when mail is transferred by outlook/exchange
in the archives, unfortuanatly no answer solves my problem ;( 

I read in one of the posts that threading is done based on..

- Message-ID
- References
- In-Reply-To

.. and that it should even fallback on topic if all else fails...

But then why doesn't it work? According to the mbox of my archive
mesasages sent by outlook/exchange users don't contain a References
header but DO contain Message-ID and In-Reply-To headers.
In the same archive messages sent with mutt do contain a References
header and are shown threaded

Does pipermail realy check the In-Reply-To?
Is something wrong with the format used? eg;
In-Reply-To: <6C9EC88CAD726B49A43EE2E2B2AD6E5383E93C at maul.gx.nl>

any ideas?
thanks in advance!

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