[Mailman-Users] old emails into mailman?

Maurice Lafleur mlafleur at linuxfreemail.com
Thu Feb 28 23:43:50 CET 2002

Hi Matthew,

here's what I do, hoping it's the right thing. PLEASE ANYONE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG :-)

I cat the old archive file (I've got tons of them) one year at the time with the list.mbox file:

#cd ~/archive/private/list.mbox
#cat old-archive.txt list.mbox > newlist.mbox

Then I temporarily save the old mbox:

#mv list.mbox list.mbox.keep

then I rename the new mbox to the right name:

#mv newlist.mbox list.mbox

I save the old archive folder

#mv ~/archive/private/list ~/archive/private/list.keep

Finally, I rebuild the new archive:

#~/bin/arch list

After chewing on the new message file the system write the new archive file.
I check it from a browser and if it works I dump:

rm -rf ~/archive/private/list.keep
rm ~/archive/private/list.mbox/list.mbox.keep

I'm just wondering about one thing: my server is very small scale memory and cpu-wise (200 mmx/ 64M ram). Last time I added a year to 
the archive it took the system well over 2 hours to reconstruct the archive file. And it seems to be getting worse every time I add a new 
year to the archive file. Is this normal? Do I need to reconstruct the archive file one year a the time or I could just cat all the remaining 
years in front of the current messages in the file and let the system chew on that for a (very) long while once and for all?

good luck to you Matthew

and thanks to the rest of you guys


> Hello list!
> 	We have just started using mailman for our techsupport stuff, and I 
> wanted to try and propogate the archives with some old emails we have, 
> without actually re-spamming the existing list. Is this as easy as 
> catting them to the listname.mbox files? Is there anything that would 
> need to be done to get these into the archives?
> TIA!
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