[Mailman-Users] Mailman & Virtual Host

Basil Sumodobila encargado at bohol.org
Fri Jan 4 05:47:23 CET 2002

I just recently looked at various listservers (Liststar,Majordomo,Sympa, and
Mailman).  I have been able to install all of them except Sympa due to
compications with MySQL which it requires for its database and I am giving
up on that one.  Of the 3 I have installed and tested I like Mailman the
most due to its web-based admin and archiving facility and looking at the
list of users it looks impressive,  Apple, Dell, etc.  I decided to
concentrate on Mailman.

My plan is to set up Mailman on a virtual host.  Right now my test machine
is connected by cable modem, but would not like the day-to-day babysitting
of this server.  Besides running a server is not allowed by my cable
provider.  I would like to sign up with with web-hosting company where I can
install Mailman and have them take care of the server 24/7.  Has anybody
done this?.  It seems like it can be intalled on a virtual web host but
maybe there are some steps which would require root access to the server,
then it will not be possible.  I would appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance

Basil Sumodobila
webmaster at bohol.org

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