[Mailman-Users] Mass User Changes

Christopher Mende csmende at neubayern.net
Fri Jan 4 06:51:06 CET 2002

Hello everyone,

Just started using Mailman last week after scrapping majordomo/majorcool 
stuff. So far I'm enjoying the switch immensely.

I've run into one snag, though. Before setting default option of Plain vs 
Mime on a list that has about 300 regular and 200 digested members, I added 
the digested members.

I need to switch all the digest users from Mime to Plain. I'd like to do that 
without having to manualy remove and add them. 

Has anyone dealt with this so before? What command lines can I tie together 
to make this happen, or how can I modify a db directly?

Thanks so much!


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csmende at neubayern.net                                    

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