[Mailman-Users] Premature End of Headers

Scott Rogers scott at scottrogers.org
Fri Jan 4 16:42:09 CET 2002


I have Mailman installed and working ( for nine months now ).  Yesterday I rebooted my server for the first time in four months.  Today, Mailman works (send mail) but the Admin interface doesn't.  

I receive 'Internal Server Error' in the browser window.
in httpd/error.log I receive the 'Premature end of headers' error, 
I recieve no error in syslog (messages) or maillog.  

I can force the GID error to show up in maillog by executing mailman/cgi-bin/admin from the command line, but I don't get that when visiting the admin page from the browser.


Thank you,

Scott Rogers

BTW, the list server is running at www.highcountryrugby.com

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