[Mailman-Users] Premature End of Headers

Scott Rogers scott at scottrogers.org
Fri Jan 4 18:11:59 CET 2002

Here's the kicker...

If I change the apache user to allow me to su to it from root, then execute
the /home/mailman/cgi-bin/admin program, it works fine and outputs HTML.

If I excecute it as another user, I get the following message in my
/var/log/messages file: Jan  4 09:54:49 dot Mailman cgi-wrapper (admin):
Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 48, GOT gid 501.  (Reconfigure to take

Where 46 = GID of apache .


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>     Scott> I have Mailman installed and working ( for nine months now ).
>     Scott> Yesterday I rebooted my server for the first time in four
>     Scott> Today, Mailman works (send mail) but the Admin interface
>     Scott> I receive 'Internal Server Error' in the browser window.
>     Scott> in httpd/error.log I receive the 'Premature end of headers'
>     Scott> I recieve no error in syslog (messages) or maillog.
> What's the full traceback?  It should be in error.log and will probably
> pinpoint the source of the problem.
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