[Mailman-Users] SSL oddity

Tom Perrine tep at SDSC.EDU
Fri Jan 4 20:19:31 CET 2002

>>>>> On Thu, 03 Jan 2002 22:19:26 -0600, David Gibbs <david at midrange.com> said:

    David> Folks:
    David> I've been playing around with using Mailman in a self-signed SSL enabled 
    David> Apache server on my RH 7.2 system.

    David> Nothing seems to work properly ... the pages display fine, but no input is 
    David> processed.

    David> It works fine when I use standard web access.

    David> Any suggestions?

    David> Thanks!

    David> david

I've got this working with no problems.  Here are the versions of the
software I'm running:

mailman 2.0.8
sendmail 8.12.0 (plus some patches)
Apache: 1.3.20 (plus some patches)

I'm running the Apache server as nobody, sendmail is set-gid to smmsp
as recomended and mailman has its own account.

Did you check the logs for any error messages?  Did you have a running
SSL server before trying mailman?  Did you check the ownership of the
CGI programs?  Does your SSL server run as the same UID as the regular server?

In general, everything is very vanilla on my systems, modulo lots of
security patches.


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