[Mailman-Users] test list aliases

Darren backdoc at crotchett.com
Sat Jan 5 20:24:37 CET 2002

Thanks.  Yes, I did run newlist.  So, I'm sure the aliases were echoed to my
screen.  It was about 2:00 am, though.  And, since I am new to all of this
(Postfix and mail servers in general), evidently I made the decision that I
was too tired and mistake prone to read up on where Postfix keeps its
aliases.  I didn't know if Postfix used /etc/aliases or not.  I have
/etc/aliases on my box.  But, I didn't know if that was left over from

All I did after running newlist was make myself a note to do copy the
aliases after I got some rest.


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> Quoting Darren (backdoc at crotchett.com):
> > I am not understanding the step where it says, "running newlist will
> > generate a list of aliases that must be added to the system".  The
> > is, "where are the aliases"?  I think that I could add them if I new
> > they were.
> Did you run newlist?  Did you see where it printed out on the screen
> something like:
> ## rafm mailing list
> ## created: 13-Feb-2001 mailman
> rafm:                    "|/usr/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post rafm"
> rafm-admin:              "|/usr/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner rafm"
> rafm-request:            "|/usr/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd rafm"
> owner-rafm:              rafm-admin
> rafm-owner:              rafm-admin
> That's where they are, and you should cut and paste them into your system
> alias file.
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