[Mailman-Users] Feature i REALLY miss in gnu/mailman

Steinar Eliassen steinar_eliassen at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 6 16:10:50 CET 2002

Due to the very nice web-based interface to GNU/Mailman, i have taken nearly
all my mailinglists from Majordomo to GNU/Mailman. But in this time of HUGE
ammont of email viruses, there is just ONE THING i miss with mailman, that
should be VERY simple to implement...

GNU/Mailman can bounce messages that contain stuff in the header of a message
like TABOO_HEADER in Majordomo, but lacks the TABOO_BODY (bounce emails that
contains certain stuff in the body of the message). This is VERY handy for
bouncing emails that contains executables, WORD doduments, Java / VB scripts
and simular, _very_ handy to stop viruses from coming to the list! :)

I hope this can be implemented! :)

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