[Mailman-Users] RedHat 7.0 + Postfix + Mailman

Devdas Bhagat devdas at worldgatein.net
Tue Jan 8 11:00:24 CET 2002

On 08/01/02 10:37 +0100, Frizon Development wrote:
> Anyone have a howto to make <subject> config work?
First install Apache. Then compile and install postfix. In
/etc/postfix/main.cf (default config file), add the domains your lists
will be on to mydestination if this is a primary domain for you box. If
it is a virtual host,

in /etc/postfix/mailman
lists.dom.ain	OK
list at dom.ain	list_list
list-request at dom.ain	list_list-request

In /etc/aliases
list_list:	"|/path/to/list/wrapper post"

Basically, use virtual to pass to aliases which passes to the
appropriate pipe/script.

This is explained in detail in the INSTALL file.

Devdas Bhagat 

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