[Mailman-Users] special characters in name and address

Matthew Shames macdaddy at bluesmobile.com
Tue Jan 8 16:56:04 CET 2002

Hey folks,

I hope you don't mind another question from a Mailman "newbie". I am 
another of the Mac enthusiasts who have moved over to OS X in the past 
couple of years, and am enjoying expanding my knowledge to include some 
UNIX basics.

I've noticed a strange problem whereby Mailman appears to munge the 
"From" address when it contains both a name and an address, and the name 
contains a period. The setup: Mailman 2.0.7 on OS X 10.1.2, with Postfix 
(20010228-pl08) as the MTA. The list in question is called "test", and 
restricts postings to subscribed users. If I send a message, and the 
"From" header is set to:

Matthew E. Shames <macdaddy at bluesmobile.com>

Mailman rejects it because it states that it is being sent from 
matthewe.shames at bluesmobile.com. Additionally, it tries to send a bounce 
message to matthewe.shames at bluesmobile.com, which is not a valid 
address, so the postmaster (also me) gets notified.

Now, if I set the "From" header to:

Matthew Shames <macdaddy at bluesmobile.com>

the message goes through without any incident. Additionally, if I set 
member_posting_only to false, messages from either scenario make it 
through without incident.

I'm not completely sure if this is a postfix issue, or a mailman issue, 
or something else. However, I don't seem to have this issue when sending 
non-list mail through postfix.

I hope this makes sense--I'd be happy to explain further. If anyone has 
any insights, I'd be most grateful.



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