[Mailman-Users] list removal and making a list public

Darren backdoc at crotchett.com
Wed Jan 9 06:55:42 CET 2002

I have two questions.
Question 1:

How do you make a list public?  I know how use the url to get to it.  See,
http://www.kneedeep.org/mailman/listinfo/test.  But, if you go to
http://www.kneedeep.org/mailman/listinfo, you will get a message from
mailman that says "Welcome!  There currently are no publicly-advertised
mailman mailing lists on www.kneedeep.org".

I do have the option on in the privacy area of the admin set to "make it
available to listinfo".

Question 2:

I have 2 test lists that I want to delete.  I have tried ./rmlist from the
bin directory many times without success.  Can I just remove the references
to it in the /list directory and the archives?


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