[Mailman-Users] Email Marketing List

Tom Warfield twarfield at astcorp.com
Wed Jan 9 22:16:44 CET 2002

I have several things I am under the gun to figure out and make mailman
do for our marketing list.

Basicaly what we are using the mailman software for is to send marketing
information to our customers and etc.  Of course they have to sign up
for this and all that good stuff.  Right now I have a webpage that is
setup for someone to sign up into the marketing list then when they hit
submit it goes into our database as well as subscribes the person to the
appropriate lists in mailman.

Things I want to see and cant figure out:

1)  For my application I don't really need the password options im
seeing and have just been using a default password for each user.  Can I
get rid of the password features?  This would make life easier and get
rid of the lame default passwords im forcing into the system.

2)  Unsubscribe page.  I am trying to create a webpage to unsubscribe
the person from anything they don't want to be on.  So basically what I
am wanting to do is when the person receives an email from us it will
read on the bottom "If you no longer wish to get this spam click here to
be removed" which will take them to a webpage that lets them choose what
they are going to unsubscribe from and provide there email address.
When they press submit it sends it to mailman and also gets put into our
DB.  Mailman removes them and presto..everyone is happy.

3)  Would also like to see a line at the bottom of each message that is
sent out that reads: This message was originally sent to:
<receipientemailaddr>  I have read that you cant do this with mailman,
from FAQ's, and to check out your MTA.  Were using Postfix...im
wondering if anyone has accomplished this?

I am sure there is more, but my brain is fried right now...time to take
a break.  Hopefully I will have some good ideas in my inbox by the time
I get back :) 

Thanks in advance!
Tom Warfield

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