[Mailman-Users] Heavy load for newsletter question

matt at prosapia.com matt at prosapia.com
Thu Jan 10 04:42:27 CET 2002

I've recently moved a 50,000 user list from some web-based newsletter 
software over to Mailman. This list is purely a newsletter where the users 
cannot post messages to the list. First of all, are there any optimizations 
I can use for a newsletter-type list? Second, since I've moved to Mailman, 
I've noticed a huge increase in load when sending out mail to the list. I'm 
currently using sendmail. The system is a 866MHz P3 with 256MB of RAM 
running RedHat 7.1. The server also hosts a website with near 2 million 
hits a day (about 48% static pages, 48% SSI pages, 4% CGI). Right now the 
load average is  0.37, 1.02, 8.45. Its a little high from Mailman doing its 

Any suggestions for a new Mailman user?



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