[Mailman-Users] Empty listinfo

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Thu Jan 10 13:18:07 CET 2002

At 12:24 10/01/2002 +0100, Jerome Warnier wrote:
>I get an empty listinfo page.
>What may I have done wrong?
>At the beginning, it sometimes displayed some of the lists, but now, they're
>all gone.

So, what have you changed recently?

Assuming MM 2.0.X, factors affecting whether a list appears on listinfo (as 
opposed to admin) are:

1. the value of the list's 'advertised' option (the first one on the page) 
of the Privacy Options Section of the list's admin web GUI

2. the value of VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW in $prefix/Mailman/Defaults.py or 
mm_cfg.py. If this is set to true (usually 1) then you may be experiencing 
the effect of Mailman Virtual Host feature. In that case the address of the 
URL used to access listinfo is compared with the list's 'web_page_url' 
option (the last one of the General Options Section of the list's admin web 
GUI. If they do not match, the list is not added to the listinfo page returned.

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