[Mailman-Users] control over the the list member..

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Thu Jan 10 13:21:46 CET 2002

At 17:12 10/01/2002 +0530, Subhasis Mahapatra wrote:
>Hello to ALL
>I am new to mailman.
>I want to make a list where subscription is controled by a person. But a
>list member can change the options or even unsubscribe himself but no one
>can subscribe by himself by his own.
>Is it possible through mailman????

Assuming you are using MM 2.0.X

set the 'subscribe_policy' option of the Privacy Options Section of the 
list's admin web GUI to 'require approval'

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>Subhasis Mahapatra
>Institute Of Physics,BBSR.
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