[Mailman-Users] Hierarchical mailing-lists?

Jerome Warnier jwarnier at mrbc.irisnet.be
Thu Jan 10 13:27:05 CET 2002

> At 11:51 10/01/2002 +0100, Jerome Warnier wrote:
> >I didn't find that link by myself, sorry.
> >I did not know anyway that that was called "Umbrella-list".
> >
> >Anyway, that's not what I want.
> >I want exactly the same as what he says in this FAQ: an Umbrella-list who
> >smartly identifies members belonging to multiple lists and doesn't send the
> >same message twice.
> As the FAQ says Umbrella list do not do that and there are good reasons for 
> this being so, which is why it is so. When you have a moment analyse the 
> logic required for the more general case, when the sub-lists of an umbrella 
> list are not all lists maintained by a single mailman installation; what 
> then is the general method to prevent multiple deliveries to any given 
> message to each single user? Umbrella lists seek to deal with that more 
> general case as best they can.
Oh, it's so sad.
> If umbrella lists do not meet your need then I think you will find some 
> recipes posted in the mailman-users archives for cron runnable scripts to 
> generate and maintain consolidated superlists from the memberships of other 
> lists. Such a script can eliminate posting duplications in the way you 
> desire. I've forwarded to you under separate cover a post from Pug Bainter 
> <pug at pug.net> dated Tue, 4 Sep 2001 19:07:14 -0500 which might get you started
I will check that.
> >But, the script proposed is not enough dynamic for me. And I don't see any 
> >way
> >to get it to do what I want exactly.
> >What if a user goes on vacation, does he have to switch delivery off any 
> >single
> >list he belongs to?
> Sorry but I've missed the point are you making with the reference to user 
> vacation?
You can switch delivery off if you need. For example, if you go on vacation.
With the script you pointed me to, the user would have to do it for each list, 
because that script only gets membership information, not individual.
But maybe it is possible to also get such individual information (delivery 

Thanks gratefully

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