[Mailman-Users] Empty listinfo

Jerome Warnier jwarnier at mrbc.irisnet.be
Thu Jan 10 13:31:42 CET 2002

> At 12:24 10/01/2002 +0100, Jerome Warnier wrote:
> >I get an empty listinfo page.
> >What may I have done wrong?
> >
> >At the beginning, it sometimes displayed some of the lists, but now, they're
> >all gone.
> So, what have you changed recently?
Just added lists. But it didn't work well (it appeared sometimes, sometimes 
not) since the very beginning.
> Assuming MM 2.0.X, factors affecting whether a list appears on listinfo (as 
> opposed to admin) are:
> 1. the value of the list's 'advertised' option (the first one on the page) 
> of the Privacy Options Section of the list's admin web GUI
I first thought that was the problem.
> 2. the value of VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW in $prefix/Mailman/Defaults.py or 
> mm_cfg.py. If this is set to true (usually 1) then you may be experiencing 
> the effect of Mailman Virtual Host feature. In that case the address of the 
> URL used to access listinfo is compared with the list's 'web_page_url' 
> option (the last one of the General Options Section of the list's admin web 
> GUI. If they do not match, the list is not added to the listinfo page 
How do disable this feature? I don't need it.
By the way, could a web proxy change this?

> >Thanks
> >

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