[Mailman-Users] Sharing a Mailman installation between two systems

David Osborne David.Osborne at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Jan 10 18:41:31 CET 2002

Just for the record, if anyone's interested, I solved my problem by
installing a full Mailman installation on the secondary system, then
mounting just the lists and locks directories from the primary. The
secondary could then see the lists it should be handling, but users
could still use the web interface on the primary to update their
subscriptions to those lists.

There was a small problem of the qrunner lock files clashing on the
two systems, which I fixed by getting the qrunner on the secondary
system to append its hostname so the lockfile name was different.


On Thu, Jan  3 2002 at 17:42:33 +0000, David Osborne wrote
> We've got two systems for serving our lists, with the more powerful
> primary system sharing its Mailman installation via NFS with the less
> powerful secondary. Under Mailman 1.0, this worked fine: I adjusted
> aliases for the less important lists so they were processed on the
> secondary system, taking load off the primary.
> Yesterday, I upgraded to Mailman 2.0.7 and with the change in the
> method of queue running, the main system now does all the work -- the
> secondary only does the initial handling of the injection of a message
> into Mailman from the MTA (Exim 3.22), while the delivery of the
> message to the subscribers for all the lists now takes place on the
> primary.
> Is it possible to configure my two systems to work as they did under
> MM 1.0 and share the load?

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