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jgo john at nisus.com
Fri Jan 11 01:08:24 CET 2002

There have been a number of questions on this... and answers, but
I don't quite see an answer that works... yet.

I'm getting the dreaded smrsh error.
smrsh: wrapper not available for sendmail programs
554 5.0.0 "|/Users/mailman/Documents/mailman/bin/mail/wrapper post
third"... Service unavailable

When I do a
grep smrsh /etc/mail/sendmail.cf
I get
##### $ld: smrsh.m4,v 2000/06/10 00:40:36 wsanchez Exp $   #####
Mprog,	P=/usr/libexec/smrsh, F=lsDFMoqeu9, S=EnfFromL/HdrFromL,
R=EnvToL/HdrToL, D=$z:/,
	A=smrsh -c $u
and I don't see an   /etc/mail/sendmail.mc or /etc/sendmail.mc

I don't have a directory named /etc/smrsh or /etc/mail/smrsh or
/private/etc/smrsh or /private/etc/mail/smrsh
sudo mkdir /etc/mail/smrsh
cd /etc/mail/smrsh
sudo ln -s /Users/mailman/Documents/mailman/mail/wrapper wrapper
doesn't result in any change.

When I do
sudo find / -name smrsh -print
I get only

When I do
sudo strings -a /usr/libexec/smrsh | egrep /etc
I get nothing.

These I found in my sub-set of the archives, trimmed a bit.
Perhaps we could collect the set of solutions and add an entry to:

Jon Carnes" 2001-10-15 16:37:08 -0400 wrote:
Be sure that the path to "wrapper" is correct (~mailman/mail/wrapper), and
that you have a link to that file in your /etc/smrsh directory (if you use
Sendmail and have smrsh turned on).

Jon Carnes 2001-10-26 14:45:01 -0400 wrote:
Smrsh is used by Sendmail to specify exactly which scripts that Sendmail is
allowed to run.  Sendmail will only run scripts that have a link in

David Pierron 2001-10-26 15:13:18 -0400 wrote:
Yeah, it's a sendmail thing...  creating a sym link to it from wrapper
fixes it...

Graham Dunn 2001-11-06 10:21:42 -0500 wrote:
Thank you, it is already there.
[root at ns root]# ls -l /etc/smrsh
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           34 Nov  6 08:20 mailman_wrapper ->
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           17 Feb  1  2001 vacation ->
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           26 Nov  5 15:14 wrapper ->
[root at ns root]#

Albert E. Whale 2001-11-06 10:35:19 -0500 wrote:
Arrgh!  Sendmail 8.12.1 moved smrsh to /usr/adm/sm.bin.

Jonas Meurer 2001-11-13 22:38:31 +0100 wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 10:11:45PM +0100, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> In README-SENDMAIL there stands that I have to make a symlink in /etc/smrsh,
> but there is no directory /etc/smrsh.  I use Debian GNU/Linux.  Which
> directory is equal to /etc/smrsh, or in which directory do I have to
> make the symlink?

Ok, I've found the directory.  It was /usr/lib/sm.bin/.

Jon Carnes 2001-11-26 17:39:56 -0500 wrote:
Looks like a smrsh problem.  You need to create a link from
/home/mailman/mail/wrapper to the smrsh directory.

Agustina Buccella 2001-11-30 09:04:44 -0400 wrote:
I installed mailman in Suse 7.1 with sendmail 8.10.2.  When I confirm my
subscription to my "probandolista" list  I get the following mail delivery:

----- Transcript of session follows -----
sh: wrapper not available for sendmail programs
554 5.0.0 "|/etc/smrsh/wrapper mailcmd probandolista"... Service unavailable

I configured the /etc/mail/aliases with the following options:
probandolista:           "|/usr/mailman/mail/wrapper post probandolista"

and the /etc/smrsh directory:
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root           25 Nov 28 15:40 wrapper ->

Dan Wilder 2001-11-30 08:36:36 -0800 wrote:
The Python.org website has a mailing list search engine which nets
270 hits on "smrsh", mostly to mailman-users.   The first says:

> Try putting a symlink in your /etc/smrsh directory pointing to wrapper:

> cd /etc/smrsh
> ln -s /home/mailman/mail/wrapper wrapper

David R. Johnson 2001-12-03 16:07:32 wrote:
smrsh: wrapper not available for sendmail programs
554 5.0.0 "|/var/www/html/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd lug"... Service

what is going wrong here?  i already created the symbolic link from

cd /usr/sbin/smrsh
ln -s /var/www/html/mailman/mail/wrapper

and restarted the sendmail service.  What have i not done?

Michael Lynn 2001-12-04 18:02:19 -0500 wrote:
/usr/sbin/smrsh is an executable... you probably wanted to
cd /etc/smrsh before symbolically linking.

Bernd Zimmermann 2001-12-05 09:22:24 +0100 wrote:
When I disable smrsh in sendmail all works fine, but with smrsh I got
a "local configuration error" mail from sendmail.

In sendmail.mc smrsh is activated: FEATURE(smrsh,

In /usr/lib/sm.bin/smrsh the link to wrapper is created like the
installation maual requires but it dont work.

I am using debian. In the INSTALL file is written not to use
/usr/lib/sm.bin because it is an error in debain.
Instead one should use /usr/admin/sm.bin, but this dont work
at all - because of config in sendmail.mc.

Michael Lynn 2001-12-05 22:54:41 -0500 wrote:
In /etc/mail/sendmail.mc you should have:
FEATURE(`smrsh',`/usr/sbin/smrsh')dnl  #(your smrsh may be installed in
another dir)

This feature enables sendmail to use sendmail restricted shell.  Sendmail
simply references the FEATURE value when attempting to execute programs in
the aliases.

First, let's check where your smrsh is located ... using find or which.  it
should be in the directory referenced above in the sendmail.mc file.  If
it's not there then modify the FEATURE statement to
point to the location.

[root at phaedrus mail]# cd /
[root at phaedrus /]# find . -name smrsh -print

The first directory is the working directory... the second is the
executable.  Like I said before - yours may be different so execute the
find and see where they are for you.

When you have smrsh enabled in sendmail.mc - you should then link the
wrapper to mailman thusly:


[root at phaedrus mail]# ln -s /home/mailman/mail/wrapper /etc/smrsh/wrapper
[root at phaedrus mail]# ls -l /etc/smrsh
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           26 Nov 30 13:11 wrapper ->

make sure you replace /home/mailman/mail/wrapper with the path to your
actual wrapper.

This worked for me - I hope it works for you.  Regarding the fact that
the INSTALL on debian has a problem - I cannot help you there - I am
using RedHat.  It really should not matter however, once you
locate the two things you need - the smrsh working directory and the
actual shell executable (smrsh) - then put the reference to the
executable into the sendmail.mc.

Skip Montanaro 2001-12-10 23:52:49 -0600 wrote:
/usr/sbin/smrsh was compiled with /etc/smrsh as its CMDDIR, verified with
the strings command:
    # strings -a /usr/sbin/smrsh | egrep /etc

/etc/smrsh contains a link to /home/mailman/mail/wrapper:
    # ls -l /etc/smrsh/wrapper
    lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           26 Mar 14  2001
/etc/smrsh/wrapper -> /home/mailman/mail/wrapper*

which, when dereferenced, seems fine to me:
    # ls -lL /etc/smrsh/wrapper
    -rwxr-sr-x    1 skip     mailman     39212 Dec 10 13:41 /etc/smrsh/wrapper*

Albert E. Whale 2001-12-11 10:37:11 -0500 wrote;
Ran into the same problem myself.  The difference you are reporting is
the wrapper program in /etc/smrsh and in

It's difficult to maintain separate copies or to update the copies
as necessary.  You should change the
/etc/smrsh/wrapper entry into a Logical link in /home/mailman/mail/wrapper.
That way when you update the
/home/mailman/mail/wrapper program the same happens in the /etc/smrsh/wrapper.

Albert E. Whale 2001-12-11 10:42:23 -0500 wrote:
One more thing that I forgot to mention earlier, Sendmail 8.12.1 and
smrsh also use the /usr/adm/sm.bin directory.

I am not certain, but this may be in place of the /etc/smrsh directory.

Skip Montanaro 2001-12-11 10:02:05 -0600 wrote:
Albert> You should change the /etc/smrsh/wrapper entry into a Logical
Albert> link in /home/mailman/mail/wrapper...
Albert> One more thing that I forgot to mention earlier, Sendmail 8.12.1
Albert> and smrsh also use the /usr/adm/sm.bin directory.

Thanks for the suggestions, however, smsrh was compiled with /etc/smrsh as
the link directory and /etc/smrsh/wrapper is a symlink to
/home/mailman/mail/wrapper already.

Michael B. Weiner 2001-12-20 00:14:19 -0500 wrote:
as for the mta and smrsh, here is what i found in /etc/smrsh:
   0 lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           19 Aug  4 09:31 slocal ->
   0 lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           25 Dec 18 21:27 wrapper ->

and i checked and the local entries were indeed in /etc/mail/access

 but found this in the /etc/sendmail.cf
Mprog,          P=/usr/sbin/smrsh,

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