[Mailman-Users] Once again, fame and fortune can be yours

Barry A. Warsaw barry at zope.com
Fri Jan 11 07:09:00 CET 2002

A few years ago we ran a Mailman logo contest, had quite a few very
good submissions, and eventually chose a logo by The Dragon De
Monsyne.  Now with the advent of favicons I'd like to run another
mini-contest.  I admit shameful jealousy in seeing more and more cool
favicons in my Mozilla tabs, and I want one for Mailman too.

Of course, I'm a musician[1] not an artist, so I need your help.

I sort of think it ought to be a play on the circle in the
cancellation mark logo.  Maybe with the words "MAIL LIST" replaced
with "Mailman" (bonus to get the "GNU" in there).  But hey, feel free
to ignore me as much as I ignore my lead singer when he suggests bass
parts. :)  I don't want to stiffle anyone's creativity!

One caveat: please assign copyright to the FSF if we accept your logo.


[1] Don't worry, you all will be forced to buy several copies of my
new CD "The Mailman Never Delivers Twice" on my self-owned label
Pumpichank Records, when it's released later this year.  It'll include
the sure-to-be-top-10 Mailman theme song, "Is That A Python In Your
Pocket (Or Are You Just Glad To Hack Me)?".

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