[Mailman-Users] A Mailman's bug

Paschalis Pagonidis ppag at internet.gr
Fri Jan 11 13:26:32 CET 2002

Dear developers, 

There are 2 weeks since I'm trying to fix a bug in Mailman. 
The ISP I work for, has some mailing lists, managed by 
Mailman, and most of subscribers, are sending mails 
through Windows (especially M$ Outlook). As known, 
Outlook sends every e-mail using multipart e-mail 
format, something that Mailman doesn't manage well. 

The bug is that when MaiLman tries to put a header & 
footer to the message's body. When the mail's content 
type is text/plain, then everything is ok. But when it 
is multipart/*, header & footer are positioned to wrong 
place. The worst case is when sending an multipart 
e-mail with attachements!! 

I'm trying 2 weeks to fix the problem (I think I found 
it), but I would like to inform you about this bug (if 
you didn't already know about it :-), and ask you a few 
- It is in your plans to fix this bug in the near 
future? (e.g. in version 2.1?) 
- I want to add to header, the recipient's name. Is 
there a variable for that? e.g. %(recipient) 
- If not how could I add such info to header? 

I also send you an attachement (replaces Devorate.py) 
which fixes the above bug, but it is not secure enough 
& well tested. However it might help you fix the bug. 

Thanks a lot, 
Paschalis Pagonidis (ppag at dsg.internet.gr) 
Systems Engineer 
Internet Hellas 
Hellas (Greece) 
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