[Mailman-Users] Just some simple operations

Christopher Mende csmende at neubayern.net
Sun Jan 13 18:01:35 CET 2002

Can anyone help me figure out how to do something simple like get a dump on
the commandline of 1) all users on a list 2) with regular subscription or 3)
digest subscription?

Or just a way to switch one property for all users? For example, if they're a
digest member, switch their digest preference from mime to non-mime.

I've gotten some great input on using the withlist binary... and have
successfully used the examples given me and by the manpages. However, I
have no idea what the db structure is, nor can I seem to find any decent
documentation on it in order to do what I actually am attempting. My
greenness with python doesn't help either.

Currently when digests go out it sends it with every single post as a mime
attachment! An email with 80 attachments. Ugh. So you can probably see why
I want to switch.

If figure if I can just dump all regular subscribers to a text file, and
digestsubscribers, I'll just recreate the same list, and have the correct
default digestoptions set before I mass-subscribe the digest guys.

Just trying to figure out the easiest way of doing this, and not finding the
support I need. If there is somewhere I can go, please let me know! :-)


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