[Mailman-Users] Stone Age

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Jan 15 02:09:44 CET 2002

>>>>> "Nissley" == Nissley Ron <Nissley_Ron> writes:

    Nissley> Forgive me for being a bit sarcastic but doesn't
    Nissley> preventing list members from unsubscribing reek of stone
    Nissley> age practices? No matter how closely related the members
    Nissley> are to the source of the mailing list...wether they work
    Nissley> for a corporation that runs the list or any other
    Nissley> situation for that matter, it should still be their
    Nissley> prerogative to unsubscribe themselves if they so wish.

But it is.  By law, the method is universally accepted in Western
societies.  It's called a "letter of resignation."  :-/

The constraints that Mailman development should follow are (1) don't
make life difficult for admins of systems the list admin doesn't run,
and (2) make life easier for the list admin.  Making life easier and
more pleasant for list members, other things equal, is implied by (2).

It is unfortunately often true that the list admin, for whatever
reason, does not have the best interests of list members at heart.
But this social issue is way beyond the scope of Mailman development.
At least Mailman can help make the employment experience a little more
pleasant in other ways.  :-)

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