[Mailman-Users] Mailman & Htdig integration (with external archiver)

Sasa Janiska sjaniska at inet.hr
Tue Jan 15 12:13:33 CET 2002


I'm a newbie for Mailman and have to setup Mailman with external
archiver (which one goes better with Mailman: Mhonarc or Hypermail?) and
Htdig search engine for one non-profit web-oriented educational

The search engine should serve searching of the whole site + different
mailing list which will be created for the students for the different

I'm interested if there is some HOWTO document for the above mentioned
scenario which seems to me as a very common usage of the Mailman?

Also, I have seen in FAQ that there is a patch for htdig integration with
Mailman. Is this patch already included in 2.0.8 source tarball?


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