[Mailman-Users] Using mailman to take care of mailer-demons

Morten Brix Pedersen morten at wtf.dk
Tue Jan 15 13:58:24 CET 2002

Hi Jon,

* Jon Carnes <jonc at haht.com> [2002-01-14 19:00:41]:
> So the problem is that you want a list of the email addresses that are
> undeliverable, so they can be removed from the database (either manually or
> via a script).


> Mailman does some of this.  You can read the ~mailman/logs/bounce log file
> and see some of the mails that are bouncing (and why).  Mailman handles
> these bounces automatically for you (based on the values that put in config
> for the list) - removing the bad addresses from Mailman's database.

Thats perfect.

> Other bounces (that come back in a non-standard format that Mailman can't
> interpret), will be posted to the admin for handling (assuming you have the
> list set so that only members or admin's can post).  These messages are
> stored in ~mailman/data/..

How do you define "other bounces"? Would a normal e-mail sent to the
address go into this category?

In that case, it doesn't work exactly like I want it to - normal e-mails
sent to the address should not be changed, they should just be "bounced"
to a defined address so he/she can take care of replying to the e-mail.


- Morten.

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