[Mailman-Users] Performance Question (or is it a bug ?)

thomas.minor at Materna.DE thomas.minor at Materna.DE
Tue Jan 15 14:06:41 CET 2002

Hi there.

I think I have a little problem with my Mailman
I used the standard SuSE package from an 7.3 installation
on a little Pentium I 166MHz.

My Problem :
Little attachments to my messages are queued quite well.
But with big attachements, that is 4 MBytes an up, it
performs miserably.
At the moment of this writing, a mail with a
7 Meg attachments is in the state of beeing queued.
The Python process running qrunner has taken already
an hour (!) or processor time now.
This must be a bug. Majordomo always queued
such mails flawlessly.

Any suggestions or hints for me ?

Thanks a lot !

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