[Mailman-Users] Performance Question (or is it a bug ?)

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 17:16:45 CET 2002

At 14:06 15/01/2002 +0100, thomas.minor at Materna.DE wrote:
>Hi there.
>I think I have a little problem with my Mailman
>I used the standard SuSE package from an 7.3 installation
>on a little Pentium I 166MHz.
>My Problem :
>Little attachments to my messages are queued quite well.
>But with big attachements, that is 4 MBytes an up, it
>performs miserably.
>At the moment of this writing, a mail with a
>7 Meg attachments is in the state of beeing queued.
>The Python process running qrunner has taken already
>an hour (!) or processor time now.
>This must be a bug. Majordomo always queued
>such mails flawlessly.

I've experienced the same thing. Big attachments effectively become a 
denial of service attack.

I think you will find this problem arises if the list the attachment is 
directed at is being archived and it is the internal archiver code that is 
digging its way to the centre of the earth. I may be wrong but try turning 
of archiving for lists to which you allow large attachments to be posted 
and I think it will go a lot faster; extracting attachments from archives 
is a problem anyway so why bother archiving them?

If you've left the qrunner keep going, I think you may need to kill it, 
delete the lock files and delete the queued message concerned or you'll 
never get anything through the system.

>Any suggestions or hints for me ?
>Thanks a lot !
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