[Mailman-Users] cant get into admin screen

tdavis at birddog.com tdavis at birddog.com
Tue Jan 15 22:44:11 CET 2002

I have several lists but I cant seem to get into one of the lists' admin 
screens.  I get to the password screen but it hangs after I type in my 
password.  There is a process that is started after this but I dont know 
what is going on to fix it.

web      25869  0.6  0.7  4540 2968 ?        S    15:40   0:00 
/usr/bin/python -S /home/mailman/scripts/driver admin

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Terry Davis
Systems Administrator
BirdDog Solutions, Inc.
(402) 829-6059

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