[Mailman-Users] feature request - distiguish bouncing from "no mail" addresses

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Jan 16 00:03:48 CET 2002

I run a mailman-managed mailing list with about 250 subscribers.  In
December, through no fault of mailman's I f*cked up my sendmail
installation.  Consequently, lots of mail to this list bounced and mailman
obligingly disabled the bouncing addresses (about 140 addresses all told).

Once my sendmail problems were straightened out, I checked the logs/bounced
file to identify which addresses were disabled by mailman, then unchecked
their "no mail" setting one-by-one in the membership management section.
This was obviously a bit tedious, so I made some mistakes in the process.  I
would find it helpful if mailman distinguished addresses for users asking to
go "no mail" and bouncing addresses mailman disabled.  Even if I couldn't
click a "reenable all bouncing addresses" link, it would be easier to simply
uncheck all boxes in a particular column instead of having to go back and
forth between the bounce log and the membership management pages unchecking
some and leaving others alone.

Skip Montanaro (skip at pobox.com - http://www.mojam.com/)

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