[Mailman-Users] 'Sendmail' vs 'SMTPDirect' in RH7.2 RPM

Mike Gifford mike at openconcept.ca
Wed Jan 16 01:36:18 CET 2002

Hi Barry,

Thanks for your response on this..  I was able to get Sendmail to send
me mail, but didn't receive anything with SMTPDirect

On Tue, 2002-01-15 at 18:14, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> >>>>> "MG" == Mike Gifford <mike at openconcept.ca> writes:
>     | That the RH7.2 rpm sets the default to:
>     | 	# DELIVERY_MODULE = 'Sendmail'
>     | 	DELIVERY_MODULE = 'SMTPDirect'
>     MG> So I just needed to switch this around and uncomment the
>     MG> Sendmail and I can now send messages without any difficulty..
> Except that you potentially open up security holes in your system.
> 'Sendmail' is not secure because it uses the shell and the input
> strings are not sanitized.

Ok..  So I must have something else configured incorrectly..  This is
the default RPM install:

# Delivery defaults

# Delivery module for the message pipeline.  See
# Mailman/Handlers/HandlerAPI.py for details.  Unless overridden
# in that module, this handler is used for message delivery to the list,
# to an individual user.  This value must be a string naming a module in
# Mailman.Handlers package.
# SECURITY WARNING: The Sendmail module is not secure!  Please read the
# comments in Mailman/Handlers/Sendmail.py for details.  Use at your own
# risk.
# DELIVERY_MODULE = 'Sendmail'

# Ceiling on the number of recipients that can be specified in a single
# transaction.  Set to 0 to submit the entire recipient list in one
# transaction.  Only used with the SMTPDirect DELIVERY_MODULE.

# Maximum number of simulatenous subthreads that will be used for SMTP
# delivery.  After the recipients list is chunked according to
# each chunk is handed off to the smptd by a separate such thread.  If
# Python interpreter was not built for threads, this feature is
#disabled.  You
# can explicitly disable it in all cases by setting MAX_DELIVERY_THREADS
# 0.  This feature is only supported with the SMTPDirect
# NOTE: This is an experimental feature and limited testing shows that
#it may
# in fact degrade performance, possibly due to Python's global
# lock.  Use with caution.

# SMTP host and port, when DELIVERY_MODULE is 'SMTPDirect'
SMTPHOST = 'localhost'
SMTPPORT = 0                                      # default from smtplib

# Command for direct command pipe delivery to sendmail compatible
# when DELIVERY_MODULE is 'Sendmail'.
SENDMAIL_CMD = '/usr/lib/sendmail'

# Allow for handling of MTA-specific features (i.e. aliases).  Most MTAs
# "sendmail" (including Sendmail, Postfix, and Exim).  Qmail uses the
# style.
MTA_ALIASES_STYLE = 'sendmail'

# Set these variables if you need to authenticate to your NNTP server
# Usenet posting or reading.  If no authentication is necessary, specify
# for both variables.

# Set this if you have an NNTP server you prefer gatewayed lists to use.

>     MG> Jan 15 12:40:01 2002 gate_news(652): socket . error : (111,
>     MG> 'Connection refused')
> This is a socket problem, and not specific to Mailman or Python.

But why is it trying to access a news server?  That's the best I can
figure out here..

>     MG> What is this supposed to do and how am I supposed to turn it
>     MG> off?
>     | Also, I still don't see why I'm getting this error:
>     | # ./check_perms 
>     | Traceback (innermost last):
>     |   File "./check_perms", line 50, in ?
>     |     MAILMAN_GRPNAME = grp.getgrgid(MAILMAN_GID)[0]
>     | TypeError: illegal argument type for built-in operation

>     | # cat /etc/group
>     | <snip>
>     | mailman:*:501:mailman,james,mike,keb,rgoyal,apache
> Try this:
> % python
> >>> import grp
> >>> grp.getgrgid(501)
> [what does this print?]

[mike at learningpartnership mike]$ python
Python 1.5.2 (#1, Jul  5 2001, 03:02:19)  [GCC 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat
Linux 7.1 2 on linux-i386
Copyright 1991-1995 Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam
>>> import grp
>>> grp.getgrgid(501)('mailman', '*', 501, ['mailman', 'apache'])

Hope this helps..

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