[Mailman-Users] Newbie question on Upgrading and Moving mailman

David Vu David.Vu at aarnet.edu.au
Wed Jan 16 13:53:20 CET 2002


I am planning to update mailman from 2.0beta5-3 to mailman-2.0.8-1 as
well as moving the lists to another Red Hat Linux machine.  Having
read the FAQ, INSTALL and UPGRADING, I believe that I need to copy my
~mailman/lists, ~mailman/archives, and ~mailman/data from the old
machine to the new machine. as well as adjust the aliases files where
necessary.  My question: is this sufficient?  Is there any command I
need to run, and/or other files I need to manual copy/merge?

Many thanks for any help,


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