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Tom Warfield twarfield at astcorp.com
Wed Jan 16 16:26:01 CET 2002

Okay I have checked the FAQ's about this and see nothing on it, which I
had done the first time before I posted.  Now as for the archives,
question for the masses...how do you effectively search the archives?  I
mean they are not posted to the website so that you can search them,
which is very frustrating if you ask me. I guess were suppose to read
every email there is. 

But anyways back to this problem with HTML Email.  I have received 4
emails from different people, and all of them are asking me basically
"If you figure this out please let me know because I haven't figured it
out either and it is kind of frustrating".  I agree with them, but still
have not found a fix to this issue myself.  If you are using this in the
manner in which we are, which is to send out informative newsletters to
our customers and members of our organization, then anytime you can make
something flashy it gets there attention better then just plain text.  

So now I am faced with this question.  Is this a new feature or is this
a bug fix that needs to be reported?  I found that it does try and
attach the footer, but since it is an HTML email it attaches the footer
at the bottom of the message which is the wrong place.  It should be
attaching itself before the </html> and in proper HTML format as well.  

So is this a bugfix or a new feature request?


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On 15/01/02 13:27 -0600, Tom Warfield wrote:
> If I send a HTML email to the lists it sends it on perfectly fine to
> the list subscribers.  But the footer that I want attached to all
> sent to the list doesn't show up at all...not even in the source of
> email so im thinking it doesn't send it when you send HTML based
It attaches the email. The email client does not show the footer,
because it occurs after </html>.
See archives and FAQ.

Devdas Bhagat

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