[Mailman-Users] Effect of mm_cfg.py changes

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Wed Jan 16 22:42:33 CET 2002

some effects of mm_cfg are immediate, but the parts that act as defaults to
the list are incorporated into the list when it is created.  You will have
to change already created lists individually.  You can do this via the
command line or via the web-admin.

Check out the archives for some very clever way of making mass changes via
the command line - might even be in the FAQ (if not it should be!).

Jon Carnes
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> When do the mm_cfg.py changes take place? I set up several lists, then
> modified mm_cfg.py to increase the number of people displayed in
> Management from 30 to 300. That change did not seem to take. I then
> some additional lists and the change shows up in the new lists but not in
> old lists.
> How can I make that change apply to 'older' lists?
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