[Mailman-Users] confused about admin addresses

Phillip Lord p.lord at russet.org.uk
Tue Jan 15 19:01:27 CET 2002

        I'm a little confused about the admin addresses for mailman. 
I want to set this so that I can filter the admin email for the
several mailing lists which I control into a different mail box. 

        The problem is that some admin email is going to one address, 
and so to another. 

        In detail, I've set up the list admin address under general
options to "listadmin at russet.org.uk". This seems to be working fine
as, for instance, subscription notification messages are indeed going
to this address. However moderation requests (due to oversize
messages), are going to the "listname-admin at russet.org.uk". Now of
course I can set up multiple addresses in my mail filtering, but I
thought it would be easier just to have one. 

        What option do I have to change to get these moderation 
requests to go to "listadmin" therefore?




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