[Mailman-Users] Tool to diagnose qfiles?

Warren Toomey wkt at minnie.tuhs.org
Wed Jan 16 22:31:05 CET 2002

Hi all,
	I'm running mailman 2.0.8, and I've noticed that there are a number
of messages in the qfiles that are not being processed. Some are for an
internal mailing list where I know there should be no delivery problems.

Is there a tool to diagnose/monitor the qfiles directory, to find out:

	- the status of a message
	- why it hasn't been processed yet
	- when was it last looked at by qrunner

Any other tips you have to deal with misbehaving queue process would be
appreciated. I've had a look through this list's archives but I haven't
found exactly what I was after.

Many thanks in advance,

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