[Mailman-Users] mailman list qrunner locks getting stuck?

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Thu Jan 17 21:02:49 CET 2002

I have a similar problem which I've traced down to Internet Explorer and bad
or old Mailman cookies.

I've seen a lot of problems with IE6 (and now IE5.5 after the last security
upgrade... damn MS).  The browser connection manages to create the lock
files but then it stops and refuses to authenticate.  I'm fairly certain it
is using an old cookie at this point.  Quitting the browser does not remove
the lock files from your server or the bad cookie from the workstation.  You
have to stop the processes on the server manually and then delete the lock
files.  Then you have to delete the cookies on the workstation (or at least
the ones related to Mailman).

Once that is done, everything works again.

None of this happens if we use earlier versions of IE or on IE v5.5 prior to
the latest security update.

Here is a small script that kills all the processes and remove all the
locks, it needs to be run as root:

  for i in `ls /home/mailman/locks |cut -f7 -d. `; do kill $i; done
  rm -f /home/mailman/locks/*

Jon Carnes
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Subject: [Mailman-Users] mailman list qrunner locks getting stuck?

> I am having a serious problem with mailman with lists getting
> apparently corrupted and becoming none functional. The first symptom
> is you try to send a piece of mail to a list and it does nothing. The
> email just disappears into a black hole. There is a record in the
> maillog that them message came into the computer and was destine for
> mailman to process it. It then disappears, there is no record of it
> in the mailman logs and no other mention of it in the maillog. The
> next symptom you find is that you can no longer manage the list. When
> you try to log in either as the manager of the list or as the mailman
> manager the list does not respond to you. You get an error message
> saying "The attempt to load 'Accessing
> URL:http://mailserver/mailman/admin/agsupport/' failed".
> After fighting this for a few weeks I found that the problem was due
> to the lock files having a problem. When I check the qrunner log, it
> shows problems with the lock files. If I delete the lock files the
> list goes a head and works again. Is there a known problem with the
> lock files, or is there something I need to look at in the
> configuration of the list or mailman.
> thanks,
> Tom
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