[Mailman-Users] conftest.py: Permission denied/

Jarkko Laine jarkko.m.laine at tut.fi
Fri Jan 18 11:28:43 CET 2002


I get the following message when I'm trying to do configure:


[mailman at kepardi mailman-2.0.8]$ ./configure --with-mail-gid=postfix
./configure: confdefs.h: Permission denied
loading cache ./config.cache
checking for --with-python... no
checking for python... (cached) /usr/bin/python
checking Python interpreter... /usr/bin/python
checking Python version... ./configure: conftest.py: Permission denied
/usr/bin/python: can't open file 'conftest.py'
cat: conftest.out: No such file or directory
configure: error:

***** /usr/bin/python is too old (or broken)
***** Python 1.5.2 or newer is required


With root access everything goes well, but installing instructions
specifically tell not to do configure with user root. I've done everything
before that according to the instructions and therefore I think mailman
login should have all the permissions it needs, but it doesn's seem to be

Grateful for any help,

Jarkko Laine				jarkko.m.laine at tut.fi
Tampere University of Technology
Industrial Engineering and Management	+358-(0)50-3588858

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