RES: [Mailman-Users] Mailman with Qmail!!

Daniel Abad dabad at
Fri Jan 18 20:26:59 CET 2002

Tks all!! It´s now working fine... tks a lot!! 

Now.. one more question, is possible to sign up with a pass?? I mean, there
is a patch for it?? 
I just wanna authenticate subscribe and unsubscribe by e-mail address... is
it possible??

Tks again !!!


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On Fri, 2002-01-18 at 15:59, Richard Barrett wrote:
> At 13:25 18/01/2002 -0300, Daniel Abad wrote:
> >01?)/

> >My ./configure:
> >
> >./configure --prefix=/home/mailman --with-python=/usr/local/bin/python
> >--with-username=mailman --with-groupname=mailman --with-cgi-gid=nobody
> >--with-mail-gid=mail
> Presumably your MTA is trying to execute the script $prefix/Mailman/post
> order to deliver mail to the Mailman list manager. The script you MUA uses

> is the one specified in the mail alias for the list concerned.
> It seems you are being told that the MTA is trying to execute the script 
> with a gid of 6 but found a gid 1001.

Other way round.
The error is being reported by the mailman wrapper script.
It was invoked with GID 1001
It expected to be invoked with GID 6 (which should be the mail GID).

You have 2 choices - one of which may not be possible (I don't know
enough about qmail to comment):-

  1. Convince qmail to invoke the script (presumably from a
     list user/alias) with GID 6
     Don't know if this is possible given the qmail way of
     doing things

  2. Re-configure/install Mailman.  Change your configure line to
	./configure --prefix=/home/mailman \
	 --with-python=/usr/local/bin/python \
	 --with-username=mailman --with-groupname=mailman \
 	 --with-cgi-gid=nobody --with-mail-gid=1001 


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