[Mailman-Users] domains and subdomains

Ralf Eisinger rei at ihs.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Jan 17 19:52:30 CET 2002

Hi all,

I try to install mailman on a system, where I want to handle lists for
subdomains too. The problem is, that I want to have the same listnames in
different subdomains. Ist that posissible with the actual version (2.0.8) or
with the new one (2.1).
  testlist at mydomain.org
  testlist at abc.mydomain.org
  testlist at def.mydomain.org

That should be three totally differnt lists.

Please send a CC to me, because I'm not on the list.
(rei at ihs.uni-stuttgart.de)

Thanks in advance.

best ragards

Ralf Eisinger
IHS - University of Stuttgart, Germany
Pfaffenwaldring 10
70150 Stuttgart
Phone: (0049)-711-685-3201

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