[Mailman-Users] withlist and config_list get stuck ...

Ian Crawford crawford at reynolds.net.au
Mon Jan 21 09:59:11 CET 2002

Forgive my ignorance, but ...

When attempting to modfy a list attribute via config_list, e.g:

$  bin/config_list -i linedance.cfg linedance

 it appears to hang on a keyboard wait.  EOF gets ignored, but quit <ctrl-
c> kills the process.

Similar behaviour occurs when using withlist, e.g.:

$ python -i  bin/withlist -l linedance


$  bin/withlist -l -r xmf linedance

Where xmf is a trivial function to set a list attribute.

When using withlist, the locking flag (-l) seems to affect progress - i.e. 
if left off, the script loads with syntax errors, but responds to the 

Python on its own interacts and loads scripts normally.

What have I got caught by ?

Thanks in advance ...

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