[Mailman-Users] Re: Switching from majordomo to Mailman

Dustin Clampitt jdustin at sockeye.com
Mon Jan 21 21:38:16 CET 2002

>I'm sorry, if I expressed it incorrectly. Of course, I'm not looking
>for Mailman compatibilty within Mailman. ;-) I'm transitioning from
>majordomo to Mailman. So, I'm looking for majordomo compatibility.
> -frank

Hi Frank.

I feel your pain.  I, too, am trying to make a transition from majordomo
to mailman and have found zero information or answers on how to
be able to do management with a single administrative password.

Everybody says 'send a "help" message', but that doesn't nearly
answer all the questions.

What I want is the majordomo-like ability to invoke any administrative
configuration command, using a single administrative password, via 
email, with no questions asked.

I really think Mailman is much better than majordomo, but if I have
to use a web interface for everything I'll eventually wind up hating
it.   Here's my command, here's my password, now just do it.

I've been testing various commands on a dummy list, but it's a
long process, and I'm surprised there isn't a document specifically
slanted towards weaning people off majordomo.

Here's the one I'm looking into now for somebody else who just
re-hosted a list to a new provider who uses MM.

There's a mess of these administrative "bounces" due to . . 

  From: somebody at somewhere.com on Mon Jan 14 08:12:00 2002
    Cause: Message body is too big: 41303 bytes but there's a limit of 40 KB

I want to simply delete this task, via email.  I'll send somebody a message
saying the message was too big, and to try again. 

I'm sorry to say it, but the average end user doesn't want to use a
web interface, either.  I've been putting footer instructions in emails for
years and most people still ignore them.  That being the case I want
full administrative control via email.  I understand all the security
implications of sending clear text passwords,  but this is an email list 
we're talking about, not a banking system

This is just my wish list.  MM still looks like a great package.  :-)

Dustin Clampitt - Sockeye Networks - 617 559 4019 - dclampitt at sockeye.com

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