[Mailman-Users] Question on gate_news script

Christopher Molnar molnar at kde.org
Mon Jan 21 03:41:02 CET 2002


I have started to use mailman to be  an interface from and to several mailling 
lists and newsgroups at news.uslinuxtraining.com. The inbound 
(maillist-->newsgroups) works perfectly, however I do have a question before 
I enable the outbound (newsgroups-->maillists).

I am not the origionating host for most of these lists. If I receive a message 
in (for example from mail.kde.org), translate this to news, what prevents 
this message from being sent back to the sending address.


list address is:

kde at mail.kde.org

newsgroup is:


I have one subscriber:

kde at mail.kde.org

This one subscriber should get any posts made to the newsgroup, but NOT any 
post that comes in from the mail.kde.org server. (From the list address).

Is this possible?


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