[Mailman-Users] mailman doesn't run???

Chris G Haravata chrish at apc.edu.ph
Tue Jan 22 04:15:24 CET 2002

i recently changed hard disks for my mail server, which includes a mailman
installation.  i copied all files (including /home/mailman) to a new hard
disk, with permissions, uid, and gid intact.  nothing changed ('cept for a
few archive files) when i checked with bin/check_perms.

but when i tried sending to any of the lists, i see from the mail log that
it was sent. after waiting for a minute (since this is the time set in my
crontab), i was expecting that the mails will be sent.  but, unfortunately,
nothing happened.  does mailman still work after just copying it to another
hard drive (i used rsync to transfer the files)?

can you please help me???

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