[Mailman-Users] OSX Server- Can I Get Sendmail and AppleMail to Work Together?

Dylan Malone dylan at algore04.com
Wed Jan 23 00:22:34 CET 2002

Forgive my newbiehood.  I've been reading the archives for hours before 
pestering the list.

I'm trying to install MailMan on OSX Server 10.1.2 (the latest and 
greatest).  I was able to get Python installed, and mailman installed 
correctly.  Now I'm at the dreaded stage of having everything going just 
swell- EXCEPT my aliases never work.  The mail bounces back as unkown 
user.  (I can send out welcome messages)

I was able to add the aliases in the right place and calling newaliases 
produced this in the mail.log:

Jan 22 14:42:53 algore04 sendmail[558]: /etc/mail/aliases: 4 aliases, 
longest 58 bytes, 218 bytes total
Jan 22 14:49:11 algore04 sendmail[594]: alias database /etc/mail/aliases 
rebuilt by admin

So it looks like it's working.

Now, OSX Server is an odd beast.  It isn't only Sendmail.  Apple threw 
in their own Mail Server too.  Normally sendmail stays dormant.  It 
doesn't look like Apple's (still very new and not very good yet) mail 
server can even support aliases.  So, I'm trying to get sendmail to take 
over at least enough of the mail functions to get mailman working.

Has anyone else crossed this bridge yet?  I see that there are some OSX 
users on the list...  If sendmail isn't the best choice, can I get 
another OSX binary that works well with Mailman?

Thank you, I am grateful.

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