[Mailman-Users] headers; wizzy features; search

Hacksaw hacksaw at hacksaw.org
Tue Jan 22 23:01:27 CET 2002

I have two question and a comment. I'm using Mailman 2.0.8 on python 1.5.2, on 
a RH6.2 box running sendmail 8.11.

1. How might I turn off the majority of List-* headers? List-id is useful, but 
I have had a complaint about the 7 new headers that have shown up as being a 
bit excessive, especially considering each message has a link to a web page 
with all those options.

I would have looked for this in the archives of mailman-users, but...

2. Apparently the python search page does not allow you to directly search the 
mailman collections. Is there an alternative?

Lastly a comment:

I note in the Wishlist an item to "Use all the new wizzy Python 2.0 features".

I hope that you will have some consideration for those of us with production 
servers where we don't want to go adding things like python 2. I would also 
hope you are using wizzy features not just because they are there, but because 
the specifically make thing better. As a coder, wishes like that give me the 
willies. I like Mailman, I'd like to see it get better, not just full of more 

Please cc: replies to me, I'm not subscribed to mailman-users.

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