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Mike Noyes mhnoyes at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jan 23 13:58:56 CET 2002

At 2002-01-22 08:11 -0500, JV wrote:
>         I have a suggestion. I am subscribed to serval mailman 
> reflectors. Is there any way that the  tos, froms, and lists in the 
> header be placed at the bottom of the message? The tos, froms and lists 
> take up approximately 75% of the screen. I received over 100 message a 
> day and it becomes a pain to have to scroll  down the page almost every 
> time in order to see the message.

You can configure Eudora, so it doesn't display these headers by default. 
To accomplish this, you need to modify TabooHeaders in eudora.ini [1]. You 
may want to look at ReadMessageStyleSheet too.

[1] http://www.eudora.com/techsupport/ini.html

Mike Noyes <mhnoyes at users.sourceforge.net>

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