[Mailman-Users] Wrapper problems (I think)

Lafleur Maurice MLAFLEUR at cegep-heritage.qc.ca
Thu Jan 24 22:57:35 CET 2002

(This may be a repeat of a repeat :-), since I got another bounce
notification, excuse me if this is the case)

Hi all,

I am quite new to mailman, but an experienced mailing list admin. I have
been running MJ for a couple of years and I now want to move on to MM.

[ I am not sure I am allowed to use the s u b s c r i b e   or  u n s u b
words here, some lists have low tolerance to admin words...]

I installed 2.0.8 on my server (the same server that currently hosts MJ
lists) and I got as far as being able to create a list and browse the list's
pages to manually zubscribe members and make other adjustments.

The problem is I can't seem to be able post to the list at all. I can't zub
or unzub either for that matter. I know it has to do with my aliases. There
is a tid bid of info to this affect in the doc, but it is unclear to me what
the wrapper symlink should be smrsh-wise, in particular while running the
two mailing list services at the same time.

Thanks for you help,

Maurice G. Lafleur  +------------------------------------------------+ 
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Heritage College    + Fax:   +1(819).776.7364                        + 
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