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Matthew Baya matt at baya.net
Thu Jan 24 18:58:31 CET 2002

Actually I may have a little bit more of this answer. While I edited the
files others mentioned above to get it so it gave my correct machine name,
since I use virtual hosts for multiple domains on my machine I had to find a
way to have them Œmasquerade¹ as if they belonged to that domain.

All I had to do was to put the domain the list was associated with in the
web admin page at:

At the bottom of that page you¹ll see:

€ Host name this list prefers.
€ Base URL for Mailman web interface.

So I just put the appropriate virtual domain in those fields and the lists
have been giving out the correct information on all e-mail and web
interfaces since then. All editing the files that were mentioned before did
for me was to change whatever showed up in any new list before I edited it.

Hope this helps too.. Works for me :)


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