[Mailman-Users] Since my Host is doing nothing

Brian @ Verizon res0avuu at verizon.net
Fri Jan 25 01:32:07 CET 2002

My web host, Hosting Matters has decided to move many of its' clients to a
new server.  The result is we are being place onto your service for (at
least) mail lists.  Maybe you do the whole thing, don't know, don't care.

It's the mail list that is my problem.  I would prefer, desperately prefer
that I not have a link to an alternate web page, one that is not consistent
with my own web pages, one that could at any time start advertising.

Ads on Freefind, my search engine, caused unbelievable problems for me and
is costing me still $300 a year.  I have no desire to repeat that.  I have
no problem crediting the service provider with a logo and link.  I did that
for Hosting Matters on my own.

I have no idea if there is a way to work with you guys in making sure the
web page for mail services matches my site, and also affords me control of
the content (insofar as advertising).

Frankly, I would just as soon continue with the email management style fo
the prior service - found on http://www.vienici.com/lasociete/gazette.

I've asked for assistance from Hosting Matters, but am not making progress
fast.  BTW, I am using FP for page development so I truly have limited HTML
skills.  With time, lots of time, I can adapt to your service.  During that
time, the current maillist will have to be shut down.  Not critical, but

I had expected better repsonse from my web host, but . . . .

Perhaps you can at least make some helpful suggestions for the novice.

Brian J. Oster
Brian_Oster at vienici.com
webmaster http://www.vienici.com

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